Stella & Denali

UPDATE: Denali was adopted by 3 amazing students at Under the Son Horsemanship.  We are so happy to see her learning and growing in her new home!

We took in these two fillies in the fall of 2016.  We have been working with them over the winter and spring and although neither has had a saddle on, they have improved greatly in their ground manners and can be lead around and do many groundwork games.  Neither one had had much human contact or had been worked with before we got them, and we don’t know anything about their history as they were abandoned.

Stella is a great little horse, super affectionate and a real sweetheart with a good mind to go in any direction.  We believe that she is 2 ½ to 3 years old.  She is about 13.2 hands tall, she will most likely grow more and we think is an Arabian Pony cross.  She is good to lead and do groundwork by someone who is horse savvy, but still needs to be professionally started under saddle.  Great jumper prospect!

Denali is a strawberry roan filly that we believe is between 3 ½ – 4 ½ years old.  We believe she will continue to grow much more, she is currently 14.1 hands tall and stocky.  We think she is a cow bred quarter horse or a cross.  She is a little more standoffish than Stella, and will probably need more work to start her under saddle, but she has a great mind (likes thinking games) and will be an awesome little cattle horse.  She is very much a dominant horse, but is with Stella and another horse in a large paddock and does fine.  She is an alpha mare and isn’t afraid to stand her ground, and needs a handler that understands how to work with this kind of horse-nality.   Reining, cow work, or roping prospect!

Both fillies’ history is mostly unknown, but we do know they were starved as a babies (along with several others) but now both are in great health and weight and hopefully will continue to grow in size.  We primarily care about these fillies going to good, safe, loving homes with someone who has started horses before, or has a suitable horse trainer.  Neither have any bad habits – a clean slate to start how you want!  Asking $1500 each, or best reasonable offer.