From Andrea, the parent of Gillian:
I really appreciate the fact that Valerie and Jordan are taking the time to educate and mentor in real life skills such as listening, following through with instructions, how to be a team player but also how to independently complete a task within a given time frame.

They are teaching not just about how to get on and ride a horse but about understanding horses, appreciating horses, caring for horses in every possible way. My daughter is learning about horse anatomy, hygiene, wound care, health and nutrition and medical maintenance.

My daughter lives to be at Fox Equine. If she could she would be there all day every day. As it is she looks forward to her time there all week. She has developed some very close friendships with the group such that they communicate about each visit to the ranch. If she misses a key event at the ranch one of the students will email or text her the details.

From Gillian:
Fox equine rescue would be where you would find me everyday if it was possible for me to do that. Between the horses and the people it is its own little loving community. I have been riding here for around three years now, and I  think I have learned more about horses than I did collectively at the six years I spent at other barns.

They do not only work on riding skills, but focus on building a connection and an understanding with these beautiful creatures we call horses. It is an amazing opportunity to have horses in your life and one that has almost become a necessity for  me over the years I have been around them. These amazing animals have taught me so much in my life and I can’t imagine not having a place to go where I can be around them.

Fox Equine Rescue is my chosen place where I can go to be around animals I love and people I trust, enjoy and learn from.  I definitely recommend Fox Equine, they are not only ranch but community.  if you are looking for a safe comfortable place to learn how to ride and to explore the love of horses.

From Anna:
I have been participating in the Fox Equine Rescue & Youth Horsemanship Center on Saturdays since I was 12, in early 2014. A typical Saturday starts off with mucking stalls in the morning succeeded by any one of a myriad of different tasks from sweeping the barn to cleaning tack to building new enclosures out of pipe panels.

Following lunch, we connect with the horses through ground work, and then go on to riding, and the day concludes with grooming, feeding the horses and learning about their care. At the barn I have increased my skills working in a group and helped to facilitate the work of newer volunteers, in addition to learning new riding and natural horsemanship techniques.

My experiences here have given me a sense of some of the technicalities associated with running a business or nonprofit in addition to the responsibilities of caring for animals while increasing my mental and physical confidence and capabilities. Each week I look forward to spending time working in the beautiful outdoors with my friends, mentors, and, of course, the horses.