Fox Horsemanship Center now has archery!

Choose to sign up each participant for up to 2 hours of Archery Lessons:

If you sign up for summer camp at Fox Equine (, you not only get well-rounded horsemanship instruction for your kids, but you can also “add on” archery classes as well!  

  • 1 Hour ($55)
  • 2 Hour ($90)

Lessons are during camp with an additional “final day fun shoot” on the last day of camp (see below for details).  The class is taught by a USA Archery certified instructor who has been teaching archery with the Girl Scouts for the past 4 years.

What is included in One Hour of Archery:

  • Equipped with all the necessary gear, including safety attire.
  • Basic instruction on handling the equipment, proper shooting technique, arrow retrieval, and all safety rules.
  • A preliminary assessment of the optimal draw strength for each child.
  • Approximately 20-30 minutes of open shooting, with form corrections for each individual and reinforcement of safety rules.
  • Participation in the “final day fun shoot”, where each child will have 20-30 minutes of shooting at fun targets such as water balloons, a “fruit shoot”, and possibly an archery tic-tac-toe contest (time permitting).

What is included in Two Hour of Archery:

  • If you sign up for two hours of archery (recommended**), you get ALL of the above PLUS:
  • One full hour of open shooting practice.  
  • Additional assistance with aiming techniques.
  • More time to dial in each child’s optimal draw strength.
  • Additional form adjustments and corrections. ** This second hour is usually when the kids start to gain more confidence and the bullseye count improves the most!

We will be following all COVID-19 guidelines for outdoor activities.  All equipment will be wiped down with disinfectant wipes between sessions and hand sanitizer will be provided.  All instruction and form corrections will be made with a demonstration from a distance to minimize instructor/student contact.