Chande, a 7 year old Paint Quarterhorse, came to us last fall.  She was rescued from an abusive situation at a ranch outside of Fresno.  She has made great progress the last few months, but will need several more months of work until she is rehabilitated and ready for adoption.

Chande came from a working cattle ranch, and the ranch hands there would use her for roping practice.  Although roping a horse can be part of a normal colt starting process, these men would chase Chande down from ATV’s to rope her, then they would proceed to drag her behind them around the ranch until she stopped fighting and thrashing around trying to get free from this torture.  Apparently this is how some cowboys like to “break in” their horses.  Because of this abuse she had sever rope burns on her neck, and grooves cut in all around her neck from where the rope would dig in as they dragged her around while she fought trying to get free from the pain.

When Chande first came to us, she was terrified of people, especially men.  Over the past few months through much work we have gained her trust and respect, she now will allow us to come up and pet her, rub on her, halter her, and lead her around without the horrible fear she had when she first came to us.

We will be spending the next few months working on her ground work & trust issues, saddling her, and eventually riding her once Chande lets us know that she is ok with us on her back.  However this process takes time to do it right, and we don’t expect to see results until this summer, or later.

The regular costs associated with caring for a horse are over $500 a month, and factoring in vet bills, training, and other incidental expenses it is usually much more than that.  We expect to have her for at least a year in total, and  need to raise money so that we can keep taking in more rescues.  Please help us by donating:


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As a thank you, we offer gifts for the following donations:

$1 – We send you an email hug thank you!

$15 – Donate $15 and get a tee shirt with our logo on it.

$30 – We mail you a hand crafted decorative horse shoe.

$75 – You can come to our ranch and partake in a private lesson on one of our gentle rehabilitated horses.

$250 – Partial Sponsorship of Chande for the month!  $250 will pay for all her hay & grain for the month, you can come and visit her, groom her, and walk her and let her graze in one of our grass pastures.  You can also take two private lessons on one of our rehabilitated horses.

$500 – Full Sponsorship of Chande’s for the month!  $500 will pay for all her feed, grain, and supplements, her board, and her hoof trimming.  Same as with a partial sponsorship, come a visit and groom her, graze her in one of our grass pastures, and the option of taking two private lessons.