Cash is a wonderful Quarter Horse, and was rescued out of a field in the central valley.  His owner had purchased him as a 6 month old with plans to work with him, but never got around to it, so he sat in a small field for almost four years, never being worked with.  He was somewhat skinny due to lack of grass in the field, and very wild when we got him, it took us 3 hours to load him in the trailer.

We were told he was a gelding, however upon working with him and viewing his actions while walking him past the mares, we discovered he was not properly gelded.  We had a vet come out and she was able to perform the surgery to properly geld him.

We took several months doing ground work with him, and then ground with with a saddle.  Over the summer of 2013 we were able to a couple dozen rides on him, all with a rope halter.  Over the first year we had him he went from a wild horse, who had no manners, would rear, buck, and kick out regularly, and had no concept of respect or our space, to a nice, docile horse who leads wonderfully, respects you, and will follow you around the round pen, just wanting to be near you.  All of this was accomplished before his surgery with natural horsemanship methods, his first 5 rides were as a stallion.

During 2015 we took him on a few dozen trail rides including several multi night camping trips, and is very popular among the intermediate riders we have in your Youth Horsemanship Program.  We have used him in many clinics and shows, and is the favorite and regular mount of a 12 year old girl who rides with us every Saturday in our Youth Horsemanship Program.

As of 2016 he is still regularly being used in lessons, and will be part of our summer camps this year.  I will be taking him on a judged obstacle course and trail trial ride as well as his and my first cow working clinic this summer.  I am sure we will have many more adventures, and he only continues to grow, soften, and be come a more willing partner.

Cash when we first got him:
2013-03-27 15.58.49
2013-03-27 15.58.48-1
2013-03-27 15.58.56

Cash after his first ride summer of 2013:2013-06-18 11.33.39

Cash Now:

2015-06-15 12.07.22-2 2015-06-15 12.17.21 2015-10-18 13.25.36 DSC_6942 DSC_6985 DSC_7027