Baya is currently available for partial lease on select days each week.  Baya is not available for adoption.

Baya is a beautiful and very calm horse, we believe her to be Arab/Quarter horse.  She is our first rescue horse and how this all started.  After we got Atlantis we started searching for a second horse for Valerie to ride.  We looked at several horses, but didnt really click with any of them, and in the process of searching became aware of how many horses are being mistreated and either not properly cared for on purpose (people cant afford to), or because the owners just dont understand horses.  We found Baya on Craigslist, and the owners had her up for sale.  When we contacted them they told us they were out of town and if we wanted her “she is in the small pasture behind our house, just come and get her if you want her”.

We did not have a trailer at the time, so we promptly found somebody with a trailer who could help us, and paid them to drive up there with us and pick her up.  She was out in a small pasture consisting of nothing but calf deep sticky mud, with her hay strewn about it covered in muck.  We got her home and started working with her.  The first thing we did was have a farrier come out for a long overdue trimming, and asses her poor foot condition because of standing in the mud all day.  After a few months of treatment and a couple trimmings her feet were back in good shape, and good steady meals and supplements got her weight back up.

Now, she is our main trail horse and gives many new riders a wonderful experience.  She has a nice calm and willing attitude, but easily pick up the pace for a exciting ride when asked.

Baya shortly after we first got her:
2013-03-27 15.53.10-22013-03-27 15.52.59 2013-03-27 15.53.17

After several months of proper care:
2013-04-23 17.12.23