Atlantis is 15 years old, and is our first horse and our personal horse, purchased not a rescue.  He is a registered Arabian/Saddlebred, or a National Show Horse.  He is a wonderful, although highly spirited horse.  He was out in a pasture in Gilroy, he was purchased by his previous owners from a person who used him as an endurance horse, and he was going to be used by the daughter of the person we bought him from as her horse, but proved to be too much horse for her.  So he spent several years out in a pasture with another horse, and finally the lady decided he should go to a good home where he would be used instead of sitting in the pasture.

We took him in as a green horse that hadn’t been ridden in several years, and was quite a project at first.  After several months of working with him on the ground and in the saddle, he started to calm down, and now a great trail or arena horse for a more experienced rider.  He is boy, and my forever equine partner.