Horse Rescue Info

Fox Equine RescuePurposeful Rehabilitation.

We take in horses that are full of potential, but that have been given up on for one reason or another.  Problem horses, colts and fillies that have not made the cut, horses that have foundation issues that are now seen as “unusable” in their field, the list goes on.  Our goal is to take in these horses, build or rebuild their foundation, and give them a purpose.We strive for a natural communication between horse and human, one of willing partnership on both parts. We start or restart our rescues to not only willing partner who chooses to be with you, but to give them a purpose in their equine life, and purpose is all the difference.  Whether their purpose is to be a solid trail horse, someone’s first ride, or a reigning or dressage performance horse, we give them a new start to be purposeful.Our Goals:

• To rescue and rehabilitate horses in need, and give them a refreshed purpose in life, either through one of our programs, a foster home, or a forever adoption.

• To promote a natural way of communication with horses, where the purpose is mutual respect and a relationship where the horse trusts its human partner and sees us as a fit leader.

• To offer a Youth Horsemanship Program program, where children from our local community can learn everything involved in the daily chores on a ranch, health and welfare of the horse, and general horsemanship and riding skills.

What people are saying about us:

They are teaching not just about how to get on and ride a horse but about understanding horses, appreciating horses, caring for horses in every possible way”

“I have been riding here for around three years now, and I  think I have learned more about horses than I did collectively at the six years I spent at other barns.”

“I definitely recommend Fox Equine, they are not only a ranch but community.”

“My experiences here have given me a sense of some of the technicalities associated with running a business or nonprofit in addition to the responsibilities of caring for animals while increasing my mental and physical confidence and capabilities.”

“What I have learned is not just how to pick up poop, but what it really means to own a horse and work on a ranch, which is a true life experience.”