Horse Camping – Wilder State Park

Wilder Ranch State Park, Santa Cruz – June 30 to July 1
Jordan and I went on this trip, we had hoped to go Del Valle again but someone had booked all of the sites.  We took Baya and Atlantis, and all of our car camping gear, not really knowing what to expect but needing a little relief from the heat wave going on in Fremont.  It turns out there was no one else there so we had the big camp (with 5 horse corrals) to ourselves!  The camp site overlooks the beach and some farmland – what a sight!
When we arrived, Atlantis was a little freaked out – I’m sure he noticed the salt in the air and the extra breeze and was, of course, more emotional than usual.  We put them in the corral and set up camp.  A little later we decided to go check out the trails, it turned out to be a little bit of a rocky ride that night.
The next morning after breakfast (bacon and big, thick pancakes) we had a great ride, partly due to the horses being more settled in their ne environment.  When we got back, we decided to “hobble” the horses while we prepared lunch.  Bad idea.  We found out Atlantis can run in hobbles, no more for him!  But luckily, Baya didn’t care, she was happy to stand there and eat the grass around her.